Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why the 80s rocked

For those of us who grew up in the 80s, looking back we always refer to the decade as lame, in general.  The clothes were awful, the hair was really awful, and most of the music sucked, too.  However, if you really stop and think about it (or use the help of YouTube to jog your memory)  you'll realize the 80s weren't all that bad. 

The movies (for the most part) were excellent.  The cartoons were awesome, and, I'll admit it, those jellies were pretty cool too (even though they KILLED if you stepped on a rock).

I'm sharing with y'all a few videos I found that explain the greatness of the 80s - videos, movies, people, etc.  

This video lists basically everything good about the 80s (although it did leave out some stuff, obviously):

Some of the music:

And, of course I HAVE to add a John Hughes tribute:

What do you think were the best parts of the 80s?


  1. Well I don't really remember much of the 80's, I do like 80's music now. Also, I think we were on the same brain wave this morning. I totally posted about old cartoons. Have a great day Jess!

  2. I just had an 80's party a month ago to commemorate my absolute LOVE of the decade! Leg warmers are by far my favorite fashion statement, and you can't beat MJ and Devo!

  3. I agree the music rocked! And the movies were classics. Even though I was way little in the 80's I have always loved the music and movies. Thanks for the flashback Jess!

  4. im a 90's kid... but that jellies you talkng about are those jelly shoes??? lol i love jelly shoes tho...

    anyway Thanks jess for (

    thank you as well for keeping me company! :)

  5. I love the 80's. Especially the movies and music. Pretty In Pink and Say Anything are my favorites.
    John Hughes movies are great in general.
    Fun post!

  6. I just don't even have the words to comprehend how much I love the 80's.

  7. Wow watching these videos makes me miss being a little kid! I am glad that I wasnt a teen in the 80s though cause the clothes were pretty horrible lol