Sunday, August 22, 2010

Face Punch

First of all, I want to say


to all of you sweet, wonderful people who left comments and gave much encouragement after my last post.  I sincerely appreciate all of you taking time out of your days to not only read my blog, but also comment frequently.  I'd make out with all of you if it wouldn't upset the hubs.

Secondly, I've been given the
AGAIN by the lovely Serena at I Left My Heart In London.  That's the third time this week.  It's so great to get recognition from people like you, Serena, as well as the others who have recently gifted me with awards.   This is for y'all:
Anyhoo, enough of the warm & fuzzy.  I've recovered from my exhaustion and found that I have plenty of energy to be annoyed today.  So let us begin with today's FACE PUNCH....

Lady Gaga

I know she's, like, EVERYONE'S favorite singer right now.  She's the twitter queen.  She's setting records and selling out concerts and will probably win every MTV VMA there is come September. 

So I did like "Bad Romance,"  but that's it.  The rest of it is all just terribly annoying to me.  I can't stand her ridiculous outfits, the hair, the makeup, the videos ALL over YouTube.

Basically my affection for Gaga has gone down the drain.  Our romance has gone bad, if you will.  (Hehe)  

Sorry Lady G, but you get a small face punch from me.  The only way to redeem yourself would be to scare Justin Bieber right out of the music business.  


I've never liked Nascar.  Ever.  I don't understand at all why someone would want to watch fifity cars drive around in circles for hours on end.  Yeah, I get that the crashes are cool.  Still, that's not enough to convince me to watch. 

Nascar isn't pasted all over the news or anything, but I was unfortunate enough to overhear a thirty-minute conversation about it yesterday, and that was all it took for me to want to give them all a nice big face punch.


I had to use this picture because it's proof that Heidi is a big fat liar.  Or, rather, a tiny, bleached-blonde plastic liar.  We all know they're attention whores.  We all know they'll fake a divorce just to get their pictures pasted all over magazine covers.  Basically, we all know they suck. 

I wish everyone would protest Speidi, just long enough for them to be banned forever from Hollywood, television, magazines and Entertainment Tonight. 

Government Officials and their spouses taking advantage of their positions by going on many unnecessary and frivolous vacations and calling them "visits to address situations"

I'm not naming any names (mostly because I don't want the CIA reading my blog.  They have no sense of humor), but there are some people  - who are high up on the importance list -  I feel are taking advantage of the free plane and accommodations set aside for political use, and instead using them for vacations. 

Now, it's true that if I had the opportunity, I'd probably want to take one or two trips to some exotic locations.  However, I would not take trips to places dealing with natural, ecological and other disasters with the front of a political visit, and instead go shopping and lay out. 

Just saying. 

So, teensy tiny face punch to you, unnamed people, because I want to continue to use my right of free speech via this blog.  Also, I don't want to be put on anyone's watch list. 


  1. Gaga is mega talented but she's too famous and it's starting to get annoying.

    Why do I love Speidi?
    I don't know why but I just love how trashy they are. Probably the same reason I love Jersey Shore...

  2. i have to many things to thinking about than let unknown people annoy me ... lol

    is there anyone on the net bugging you jess??

    ill catch up with the blogs when i come back home to LA :)

  3. Totally agree about Lady Gaga. I like some of her songs but they overplay them to death so that just makes me annoyed with her too. And she is too bizarre for me.

    I also do not care for Nascar whatsoever. I don't understand how people can watch cars race around for 500 laps. I recently went to the local racetrack cause my friend basically begged me and thought I was gonna have an anxiety attack everytime I thought someone was going to crash. I am not a good race watcher AT ALL.

    Spedi I just cant stand. Never could, never will!

  4. Do you know how happy it makes me that you don't like Lady Gaga either? LOL.

  5. I don't love Heidi and Spencer by any means, but I do think watching how they will extend their fame will be interesting. What will they do without The Hills?